Drilling for Non-Drilling Personnel


Drilling in the oil and gas industry takes up significant cost of a field development and the non-technical staff who extend support for the drilling operations always wonder about the mystery that surrounds the drilling operations. The mystery, due to the insufficient understanding of the drilling process, often leads to gaps in the interaction between the drilling and non-drilling staff. This course provides an excellent opportunity to them for enhancing the awareness and knowledge of the drilling process by de-mystifying the drilling phenomenon through a well-defined systematic training model. This course therefore will help the supporting non-technical staff as well as new recruits to contribute more efficiently and effectively and become an integral part of the drilling process instead of only carrying out a support function.


A wide range of participants will benefit from the training course, who are either experienced or new to the upstream oil and gas industry, irrespective of their backgrounds: technical, non-technical, or business oriented. Therefore, the course will of be interest to the under-listed category of people, including but not limited to:

  1. Aspiring or career professionals within oil and gas and other energy sectors
  2. Non-technical personnel in the upstream oil and gas sector
  3. Investment banks or financiers
  4. Personnel of oil and gas servicing companies
  5. Professionals in legal, financial, banking, insurance and management with interests in oil and gas industry
  6. Public sector personnel and non-governmental organizations
  7. New investors to oil and gas industry or those currently in downstream and midstream sectors, with plans to venture into the upstream sector.

At the end of the course participants will have a good and general understanding of drilling in the ‘upstream’ oil and gas industry and the essential requirements to play a critical role to support efficient and effective delivery of oil and gas wells.


The course provides a full overview of drilling activities covering essential topics like:

  1. Introduction to Wells
  2. Logical sequence of drilling a well
  3. Technical, Operations and Support Functions of drilling a well
  4. Criticality of drilling urgencies and cost implications of drilling problems
  5. Safety, Security and Drilling Risks
  6. Efficient Contracts and Procurement process for selecting vendors for rig, tangibles and services
  7. Drilling time and cost estimates
  8. Well economics and cash flow model for the entire drilling process from concept to completion
  9. Drilling operations from spud to completion
  10. Differences between onshore, shallow offshore, deep water operations

The whole session will be highly interactive and lively and far different from conventional training models. The faculty is a talented coach who will efficiently take the participants for a walk through the course to gain the necessary knowledge and understanding that would enhance their ability to function efficiently and effectively.

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