Talent Track

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Why Talent Track?

What do Corporates Expect from Fresh, Experienced Petroleum Engineers and Other Upstream Oil and Gas Industry Personnel?

Domain Knowledge, Adaptability, Deployability and Employability

In a nutshell, an Engineer needs to possess the Competency and Capability to start working from day one with clear understanding of fundamentals and working principles with Practical Applications of the domain.

Popular Corporate Quote
Unemployment is not the major issue – the problem lies in the Un-Employability and Un-Adaptability”

Why is this the problem today?

One of the biggest challenges for an oil and gas company in the extremely competitive industry environment is to recruit “Highly Talented” and “Competent” fresh engineers or beginners.

Thus, there is a corporate need to invest

Time Energy Resources and Money

to develop a fresh engineer to a trained engineer in the selected domain.

For Corporates and Oil and Gas Companies, training and developing fresh engineers or beginners with few years of experience in the selected domain is a long process especially in the current market conditions and hence companies would prefer to recruit ‘Trained and Skilled Engineers” who has the capability to work independently with minimum supervision and training.

What is the other Challenge?

There is a limited pool of competent and skilled persons who to meet the requirements and this limited pool is being sought by all while the potential employees are under pressure to demonstrate capability, employability and adaptability amidst competitive peers.

Traditional Training Model
The industry has advanced tremendously in strategy, design, execution, practices and delivery in the last few decades. In the current world, well delivery with cost optimization, well integrity, minimum risk, zero train wrecks, achieving holistic objectives rather than compartmentalized operations is the predominant need in drilling oil and gas wells.

The Universities create engineers with good academic skills but to step in to the modern industry with the required “Competency”, “High Talent” and “Deployable Skills”, the fresh engineers require a booster establishment to enhance their practical understanding and applications.

While the traditional training modules are useful, they take significant time to develop the required competency for the job and they are particularly restricted by the limitations of the in-house trainers due to their own project tasks (making them to spend only a fraction of time for trainees) and in some cases the exposure to the trainees is limited by boundary conditions of the tasks assigned to them. Hence, the traditional training modules have become inadequate for the fast-paced needs of today.

Hence there is a need to shorten the time with effective methodology to make academically qualified fresh engineers to become competent engineers with practical application skills so that the oil and gas companies can deploy them with minimum training, effort and cost.

Talent Track

Gemini Resources, a part of the SpringRock Group of Companies, in collaboration with iWells, Dubai have launched a Unique model called “Talent Track for Petroleum Engineers”. The model is also extended to engineers of any discipline who want to enter the oil and gas industry.

The Talent Track is an international standard Competency Matrix development model which is equal to or even higher application oriented than such models used by Majors in the industry for their in-house employees/staff/consultants. The Talent Track surpasses the minimum requirements of a competency adapted by SPE (Society of Petroleum Engineers).

Talent Track Program is not just a Training. The program is designed to develop competency through a systematic education model that follows the MK’s Seven Principles of Application Oriented Competency Development.

Seven Principles of Application Oriented Competency Development

  1. Strong Fundamentals
  2. Precise Knowledge.
  3. Acquired Wisdom
  4. Understanding of the Strategy
  5. Understanding of the Philosophy
  6. Smart Applications
  7. Understanding Execution

The model promotes that by acquiring the above principles that are extremely application oriented at an early stage, the engineers will achieve the required competency that might take years through the traditional training models.


This program is aimed at developing the competency of the engineers in three levels.

Level 1Entry Level: Applicable for fresh engineers and beginners of less than 1-2 years of experience.
Level 2Intermediate Level: Applicable for experienced engineers/personnel with minimum 5 years of experience or those who had completed Level 1
Level 3Advanced or Domain Expert Level: Applicable for people with more than 8 years of industry experience.

Each of these levels are specifically designed and developed to deliver a high standard “Competency Matrix”.

What Talent Track Does?

Talent Track follows the Seven Principles of Application Oriented Competency Development model under different levels to develop competency for fresh/junior engineers and domain expertise for experienced engineers.

The Competency will be tested through a series of scheduled exams. If successfully completed, a Certificate of Competency will be issued for each Level of the Model.

The Certificate of Competency can be used anywhere in the world as the course model/curriculum is equivalent to International Standards and in-house competency models run by oil majors.

The Level 1 Competency Matrix, once completed, will allow the engineer to work in the industry at a level similar to, if he/she had gained at least 2-3 years of working experience.

In a nutshell, what an engineer will learn in 2-3 years of working experience, will be gained through the TalentTrack Competency Matrix Models within 6 months.

The Advantage

Talent Track Competency Concept is unique and is developed with lot of industry knowledge, experience and understanding behind it.

Well Engineering and Well Operations Management

Applicable to :Fresher’s and beginners of less than one/two years of experience
Duration :Six Months
The duration is based on the Candidate’s performance during the Competency Matrix Program and successfully passing the exams and projects in time
Location :Lagos, Nigeria
Schedule :Classroom training:

  1. Regular: For 4 days, a week (4-6 hrs. per day)
  2. Engineers working at Office: A flexible 2 days a week (4 hrs. a day)
  3. Engineers working in Field on rotation schedule – A flexible 3 days a week (6 hrs. a day)
Model :Multi-Levels

  1. Classroom Training with Faculty who currently work in the Industry at Senior Levels
  2. Computer based modules that can be taken from any location any time
  3. Online Web based lectures from archives to enable work flexibility and learning at any time
  4. Interactive online Question and Answer Sessions
  5. Webinars as needed
  6. Weekly/Module Review Tests
  7. Student’s Presentation after Each Module
  8. Mini Projects – Minimum Six (real Industry Projects) *
  9. Final Project (a real Industry Project)

* * – The projects will be linked to a real industry project under the guidance of experts working currently in the industry at senior level

Certification :At the end of the Level 1, they will be certified as “Competent DE of Level 1”.
Advantage :The engineers at the end of the program will be able to work like other experienced engineers and talent track will significantly reduce/eliminate the efforts, resources and time for training them to that level through traditional training methods.

Currently we are offering the Talent Track Competency Models for “Well Engineering” and “Well Operations Engineering”.

For those who completed Level 1 or engineers of minimum five years of experience

If required, on completion of level one the engineer can then move to Level 2 in continuation for another six-twelve months. The Level 2 is aimed to make the Level 1 engineers equivalent to Senior Drilling/Well Engineer and/or Senior Operations Engineer Level

Duration : Minimum Six Months

For those who completed Level 1 and 2 or engineers of minimum ten years of experience. This level is designed to achieve the level of a Domain Expert.

Duration : Minimum Six Months

SpringRock Gemini Resources would commence Levels 2 and 3 training in the next phase which would be launched in Q4 2017. The unique features of Levels 1, 2 and 3 Talent Track Competency Matrix will be presented to an interested client on request.