Introduction to Upstream Oil & Gas Industry


Oil and gas are the world’s most important energy resources driving the global economy. So, it is no surprise that several people are attracted to the oil and gas Industry and seek to be gainfully engaged in the Industry. This training course presents an overview of the oil and gas Industry giving an essential insight into the Upstream Sector.

Participants will gain an understanding of all the phases of activities in the Sector with specific emphasis on actions they can take to align themselves for value creation effectively within each phase.

So, whatever your background and business leaning, this course provides an excellent platform to enhance your awareness and knowledge thereby placing you at a competitive advantage to be productively involved as a new entrant or for career growth for those already in the Industry.


A wide range of participants will benefit from the training course, who are either experienced or new to the upstream oil and gas industry, irrespective of their backgrounds: technical, non-technical, or business-oriented. Therefore, the course will of be interest to the under-listed category of people, including but not limited to:

  • Aspiring or career professionals within oil and gas and other energy sectors
  • Personnel of oil and gas servicing companies
  • Professionals in legal, financial, banking, insurance and management with interests in oil and gas industry
  • Public sector personnel and non-governmental organizations
  • New investors to oil and gas industry or those currently in downstream and midstream sectors, with plans to venture into the upstream sector

At the end of this training course, participants will understand:

  • The critical importance of oil and gas industry in Nigeria and world’s economy and its background history
  • Formation of oil and gas and how to discover where they are deposited.
  • The Nigerian upstream oil and gas industry, critical success factors and how to align themselves
  • Key investment considerations for upstream oil and gas business
  • The makeup up and roles of Exploration and Production Organizations; and Oilfield Service Companies in the upstream oil and gas industry
  • Methods by which new oil and gas assets are evaluated for investments, acquired and developed
  • The basic process for drilling, evaluating and completing oil and gas wells.
  • Differences between onshore, offshore and deep offshore operations and their complexities.
  • The production facilities and operational steps in producing and processing oil and gas
  • The wide range of professional disciplines in the upstream oil and gas industry and how to be positioned of opportunities
  • Steps to take to harness job or business investment opportunities, and career growth

The course provides a full overview of upstream sector of oil and gas industry covering essential topics like:

  • Snapshot of the Oil and Gas industry
  • The Origin of Petroleum (Oil and Gas)
  • The Business of Oil and Gas Exploration and Production
  • Exploration and Production Organizations; and Oilfield Service Companies
  • The Upstream Oil and Gas Life Cycle (Lease Acquisition to Abandonment)
  • Onshore, Offshore and Deep Offshore Assets and Operations
  • The Future of Oil and Gas Industry
  • The Human Resource Requirements – Technical, Operations and Support Functions
  • How and Where Do I Fit In?
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