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SpringRock Group is a privately held energy company with main focus in Oil and Gas and Power sectors of the energy domain. We straddle both aisles of the Oil and Gas industry as E&P Operator and Oilfield Service provider. Our vision is to be the leading provider of services in the domains that we participate and also an E&P operator who works with like-minded organization to develop and exploit oil and gas deposits. We also aim to be the partner of choice for Technical partnerships, Joint ventures, Acquisitions, and Strategic business development on niche projects in the energy domain. We focus on selective ventures and partner with industry specialists to maximize the potential of each project and deliver outstanding performance. Our executives and entire team perform to the highest standards thereby delivering substantial results to our clients and stakeholders while positively impacting our host communities who grants us social license to operate and also the governments of the countries that we operate in.

Each business group is built to actualize “specific” business opportunities and our strategic objectives would be achieved through the results delivered by our teams and a network of Joint Venture Partnerships with National and International Firms of good pedigree and leveraging our technical competencies, local knowledge, footprint and logistical support. The value of SpringRock stems from our ability to succeed in an increasingly challenging and competitive marketplace. Our fundamental business proposition is to leverage and manage a multitalented and diverse workforce.

Our straight forward approach is the foundation of our business principles and this results in our being a valuable organization that offers expertise with a commitment to excellence. We are a newly established organization with strong knowledge of international best practices and the business environment in Africa. We are a “young” but not a new Group of Companies.

Complete adherence to ethical principles and professional commitments is at the core of SpingRock’s values, and in all of our endeavors we are committed to fulfilling and or exceeding stakeholders’ and partner’s (client’s) expectations.

SpringRock aspires to deliver excellence in all spheres of our business and operations.  And to achieve this, we believe in providing an enabling environment in which our teams thrive with the right levels of competitive spirit, high performance and dedication to their projects. The team will remain the cornerstone of our success and hence Teamwork and Team players are fundamental to our success. To further achieve its aim, SpringRock will continue to go into strategic partnerships with national and international companies to further strengthen our know-how, cooperate to carry out large scale investment as well as venture into international markets outside Africa. By collaborating with likeminded Organizations while pursuing innovative engagements, we aspire to build a brand that makes a difference and leaves everyone who engages with us with a positive “SpringRock Experience”.


Our executive team consists of diverse team of multiple industry specialists and leaders in Business Strategy and Development, Project Management, Financial Experts and Growth Strategists, who constantly review processes, market trends and provide innovative solutions to support project teams.

Albeit a young company, the core team has extensive experience in supporting businesses within the Afircan region, strong international experience and in achieving key results

SpringRock Energy

SpringRock Energy Limited is your customized service provider. We are occupying the white spaces in the African energy market, enabling us to create attractive risk and reward economics resulting in realization of multiple opportunities.

Visit www.springrockgroup.com/business-groups/

SpringRock m.Consults

SpringRock m.Consults is built to be the Executive Management and Operating arm of an Exploration & Production Company in the Oil and Gas Industry. We are designed to bring significant value to E&P companies working alongside with them to safely achieve their objectives

Visit www.springrockgroup.com/business-groups/

SpringRock Gemini Resources

SpringRock Gemini Resource is designed to address the need of the Oil and Gas Industry in the domains of development of technical human capital; the development of optimized solutions using existing technology and techniques and the need to provide new answers through research and development.

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SpringRock Crystal Industries

SpringRock Crystal Industries SRcI takes a holistic approach towards maximizing production from an Oil and Gas asset, prolonging the life of a producing asset while minimizing the cost of operations, maintaining the asset integrity and lowering overall cost of ownership.

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SpringRock E&P Investments

SpringRock E&P Investment is a special purpose vehicle of the SpringRock Group which enables SpringRock to co-invest in assets with likeminded partners in various domains in the Oil and Gas and Energy sectors of the economy

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SpringRock Alliance World

SpringRock Alliance World is a vehicle designed for specific projects in which SpringRock teams up with another entity or group for that specific project. The project could be long term in nature or short duration projects.

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Our Footprints

We have presence in Africa, Asia, Europe and North America either as SpringRock or via one of our partners. Each business group has its own unique partnerships and alliance through which it addresses its business.

SpringRock Offices can be found in

SpringRock Energy Mauritius
365, Royal Road, Rose Hill, Mauritius

SpringRock Energy Nigeria
20, Babatunde Anjous Avenue, Lekki Penninsula Phase 1, Lagos State Nigeria

SpringRock Energy Seychelles
C/O A.C.T. Offshore Limited, 1st Floor, Oliaji Trade Centre, P.O. Box 1377, Victoria, Mahe Seychelles

Alliance SpringRock Energy
5090 Richmond Avenue Suite 520, Houston Texas 77056 United States

SpringRock Emergy Kenya
63, RedHill Drive, Nyari Estate, Nairobi, P.O. Box 61742-00200, Kenya