Talent Development

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SpringRock Gemini Resources delivers technical and non-technical training at the SpringRock Gemini Resources Training Center and other designated venues worldwide. This is to grow skilled human capital to meet the needs of the industry as more and more oil and gas deposits are being exploited

The focus market would be progressive and targeted as follows

SpringRock Specific

Training of technical resources for the SpringRock business groups namely SpringRock Energy Limited, SpringRock m.Consults, SpringRock Crystal Industries and SpringRock E&P Investment. This is a commercial service similar to training that these groups would ordinarily purchase from third

Clients Specific

Targeted training for Corporate clients. Training would be provided for named techniques and areas of interest of the clients. These are client specific or conducted for a group of clients and however are closed sessions not open to parties outside the group for whom it was designed.

Open Sessions

These Curriculum Courses are operated round the year to provide various industry certification and proficiency development.

These are open door training sessions which can be availed by corporate bodies or an individual seeking to improve their own personal expertise and proficiency or gain certain certifications. Click here to see what courses we offer and the current schedule for them

Click here to book for available Open Session Seminar 


Graduates of SpringRock Gemini Resources training center will earn the seal “Certified by SpringRock”. This seal would be backed by the reputation of renowned Universities from around the world.